Imaging and Reproduction
Imaging services include scanning process of various hardcopy documents, with full editing process - involving document clean up, reading orientation fix and adding reading features such as bookmarking and document OCR. The process ensures proper and direct documents handling and provides full cataloging that will be used for tracking and database purposes.

We have fast document scanners with the capability of scanning documents of varying sizes - from A4 to A0 size.

Reproduction services encompass the reproduction of documents from the original source whether hardcopy or digital format. Hardcopy documents are scanned and edited to before being reproduced. Proper finishing includes services after re-production such as comb binding, ring binding or other client requirements.

We offer digitizing services for transforming legacy data documents from hardcopy into a digital format conforming to industry standards. This encompasses various data types such as well logs, seismic sections, and maps data (contour, well location & shot point location).

The process involves the scanning of hardcopy documents. The scanned data is then loaded into digitizing software and converted into a standard digital format such as LAS, LIS, SEGY, and ASCII.

Remastering is a process of transcribing data from magnetic media into a newer media or into a computer system. Various type of magnetic media includes legacy media such as 21 and 9 track reel tapes, IBM 3480/3490/3590/3592, DLT and, Super DLT.

Our services range from the whole process of remastering including data copy, data recovery (tape treatment), data conversion and verification, data quality check and data output.
We provide software specifically for your business flow to speed up your business processes which will help save time and money. We develop our software by utilizing the latest technologies offered by the software and hardware industry. This includes research, new development, modification, reuse, re-engineering and maintenance resulting in the finished application.

Besides that, we also provide technical support of various software as part of solving related issues and technical support ensuring utilizing of the software to the full potential.
At Onyx, we focus on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it learn for themselves. By applying text & image mining to various documents with multiple formats and working 24/7 high efficiency, we can capture all related information and its data attributes when required with a fraction of time and can be populated in required format or templated.

In addition to that, by using specific algorithms, specific information will be extracted based on the usefulness of the information together with the related information that might be important.
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Onyx Engineering Sdn Bhd is an oil and gas service that providing technical consultancy and services in geosciences, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering, through the different stages of exploration, development and production.

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