Connect & Innovate


Our connection starts within the company. Each employee connects with other peers within the division. Each division connects with our leadership team. We believe these business relations between all entities in the company is the ingredient of our success.

We also believe that connection with the community we serve is very important. Our business contributes to the economic growth in many ways. We pay taxes to the government that is vital for nationwide development. To our people, we improve the standard of living by providing jobs. A total of 90% of our workforce is local. We invest on their career development via industry exposures and trainings. We contribute similarly to the education by providing internships and projects sponsorship. Improved collaborations promote mutual growth and we always opt to work with local suppliers of technology solutions.


Our passion for innovation starts within the company. A strong connection that exists between the leadership team and employees can optimize our operation workflows. Digitalizing these work processes will maximize our productive working time.

We also focus on innovation across our technology and services. Through our continuing relationship with our partners, suppliers, clients and government, we aim to bring in new technologies to serve our customers better. We use our market intelligence to identify business trends and needs. This helps us to supply solutions through our innovations. We also invest on innovations that are environmentally and economically sustainable.

With these innovations, we aspire to create meaningful impact to the society through our investment.

With our enduring relationship with our clients, suppliers, government and the community, we aim to provide solutions through innovations.

Connect & Innovate is what we believe in.

What We Do

We are a homegrown consultancy and service company. We provide services to the oil and gas industry. We provide services for upstream and downstream businesses. We aspire to be a world-class service provider.

Company Info

Onyx Engineering Sdn Bhd is an oil and gas service that providing technical consultancy and services in geosciences, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and petroleum engineering, through the different stages of exploration, development and production.

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  Suites 19.01-19.04, Level 19, Plaza 138, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur. Malaysia
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