Onyx provides a range of data management services which includes Imaging & Reproduction, Digitizing, Media Management and Software Support.

Imaging and Reproduction

Imaging services include scanning process of various hardcopy documents, with full editing process - involving document clean up, reading orientation fix and adding reading features such as bookmarking and document OCR. The process ensures proper and direct documents handling and provides full cataloging that will be used for tracking and database purposes.

We have fast document scanner in house with the capability of scanning documents of varying sizes - from A4 to A0 size.

Reproduction Services encompasses the reproduction of documents from the original source whether hardcopy or digital format. Document from hardcopy will be scanned and edited to ensure quality before being reproduced. Proper finishing includes services after re-production such as comb binding, ring binding or other client requirements.


We offer digitizing services for transforming legacy data documents from hardcopy into digital format conforming to industry standards. This encompasses various data types such as well logs, seismic sections and maps data (contour, well location & shot point location).

The process involves the scanning of hardcopy documents. The scanned data is then loaded into digitizing software and converted into standard digital format such as LAS, LIS, SEGY and ASCII.

Media Management

We offer the management of magnetic media - spanning media cataloging until storage, remastering / reconditioning of legacy media into new format and finally media disposal etc.

Operational Mode

This encompasses physical data storage and operational management of the new media. The scope includes media registration, barcoding, cataloguing, media segregation (copies of media), media copy into staging area with first level content QC and finally storage into assigned location.

Legacy Mode

This involves old media types such as 21 track, 9 track, 3480/3490 and 3590 tapes undergoing special copying process using legacy tape reader and with powerful transcribe software. The overall process encompasses media preparation, metadata capturing, remastering/reconditioning and updating databases. This process will finally undergo data quality check and data assurance to ensure that all data is transcribed properly and data is transferred is of the highest quality and meets client's requirements.

Media Disposal

Disposal process is performed when all data from legacy emdia is fully transcribed/copied into new media with assurance that the data is as per requirement and expectation. The data will be verified as to content integrity and when everything is satisfactory, legacy media will be disposed using methods that strictly follow client requirement and complies with the environmental act.

Hardware and Software Support

Advanced Logic Technology (ALT) building on the success of WellCAD software package, ALT offers its module CoreCAD, a core description package which allows the acquisition and drafting of core data in a single step. ALT also has capabilities to provide customs services to our clients. All software is developed for the Windows environment utilizing the latest technologies offered by the software and hardware industry.

Neuralog offers a complete set of tools designed for both the independent that needs an affordable Professional Solution and the geoscientist on a larger team who needs strong technical capabilities.

  • Scanning, Printing & Copying
    • NeuraScanner & NeuraLaser
  • Automated Digitizing & Quality Improvement
    • NeuraLog, NeuraMap
  • Geological Evaluation, Correlation, Cross Sections, Mapping & Montage
    • NeuraSection
  • Data Quality Improvement and Data Loading, Management and Delivery
    • NeuraDB

iPoint product suite provides powerful Co-Visualization of any wellbore data type, allowing such a varied audience as Geologists, Petrophysicists, Geophysicists, Reservoir Engineers, Drillers and Data Managers to benefit from a single tool and interface with tailored workflows.

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